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OLLA (mini)


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  • Image of OLLA (mini)

Ollas ("oh-yahs") are ancient irrigation vessels that draw moisture into the soil to hydrate plants from below rather than from above. These pots release water into the soil as needed, due to the porous nature of the unglazed ceramic ware. They promote deeper root growth, while minimizing runoff and topsoil evaporation.

This mini size is perfect to keep outdoor plants happy in the hot summer sun or for indoor plants while you go on vacation! They hold about 2 oz (1/4 cup or 50 ml) of water. Refill times will depend on the heat and humidity in your region, if they are used inside or outside, and what type of plant you're keeping healthy.

These low-tech irrigation vessels were created by hi-tech means! 3D printed molds were utilized to cast silicone molds, to then cast plaster molds, which were then used to slipcast these cuties.

Measures 3" tall, 2" at base, and 1" at top
Material: Low-Fire Unglazed Ceramics